New Group Gift, We <3 RP, & Driftwood!

-Elemental- 'Magical Effects X3' Advert - Group Gift! Magic Effects X3 Yet another super colourful monthly freebie down at Elemental! Swirling, twirling, particles, prim motion, texture affect laden auras and magical powers. 3 Effects in 3 colours - Pink, Blue, Green Fireballs swirl around you, increasing in speed and slow down in a loop that … Continue reading New Group Gift, We ❤ RP, & Driftwood!

FREE Valentine SKIN to Group Members!

This Month's Free Group Gift for the Elemental Update group! 'Valentine's Fantasy Group Gift! Tis the most romantic time of the year! This month Elemental has conjured up a a pink hued, heart themed makeup fantasy skin.Complete with shiny dappled white markings that go around the head and down the body. Catwa appliers - Makeup … Continue reading FREE Valentine SKIN to Group Members!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Don't get your feets all scratched and stuck with thorns while you're strolling barefoot through the wilderness. Stylish animal skinned tippy toe shoes. Great for roleplayers, dancers, stylish naturists. For Maitreya Mid Feet Extensive Hud - 15 Lace Textures 15 Skin Textures 15 Stiches Textures Taxi: Liaison Collaborative/66/124/24

It’s the last week of our Winter Solstice Celebration!

  It's the last week of our Winter Solstice Celebration and last but not least is magical effects. 'Snow Effects' 6 separate effects! See them in action on our Flickr! Taxi:


'Odin Fantasy' Aesthetic Appliers The very popular Odin applier of Nivaro kitted out with fantasy face styles. As masculine and rugged as ever, viking, pagan markings, blood smears, scars. Tailor made to go with Niramyth's 'Enzo' head in the aestshetic range. - Highly detailed. - 7 fantasy styles, paint, blood, scars etc - 5 skin … Continue reading ELEMENTAL @ We<3 RP! HAIL ODIN!

Unicorn….Fantasy….Favorite Things! ELEMENTAL @ The TLC!

  Our Favorite thing is always Fantasy! Could it be your favorite thing to? Elemental is offering a bit of Yuletide fantasy @ The TLC, opening later on today! Elemental's 'Christmas Unicorn' Comes with Texture changing hud, to personalize your look as well as blinking Christmas lights! This seasonal release can only be found @ … Continue reading Unicorn….Fantasy….Favorite Things! ELEMENTAL @ The TLC!

The Second Week’s Winter Solstice Celebration Gift is HERE!

Winter is COMING! Elemental 'Solstice Celebration!' doing a freebie every Saturday. This is the 2nd of two freebies. Two weekends coming. --------------------------------------------- Smashy smashy! Here it is, 'Solstice Hammer, favoured by all kinds of snow dwelling warriors and of course Thor. Broken ends from all the hammering, blood splatters on some of the textures. Rugged … Continue reading The Second Week’s Winter Solstice Celebration Gift is HERE!

Winter Solstice is coming…….

For Elemental's 'Solstace Celebration', wip teaser of what's to come on the 2nd Saturday of December. Divine hammer, favoured by all kinds of snow dwelling warriors and of course Thor. Winter is COMING! Better Join our In-world Group while you can! It gets locked down and becomes a pay for group after the first week … Continue reading Winter Solstice is coming…….