New Group Gift, We <3 RP, & Driftwood!


-Elemental- ‘Magical Effects X3’ Advert – Group Gift!

Magic Effects X3

Yet another super colourful monthly freebie down at Elemental!

Swirling, twirling, particles, prim motion, texture affect laden auras and magical powers.

3 Effects in 3 colours – Pink, Blue, Green

Fireballs swirl around you, increasing in speed and slow down in a loop that lasts forever! Geometric and MagicalFantastic Aura –

Can be used in combination!

Take a taxi and get yours now! Only available for free for a limited time!



48013091082_8c0cac4a3e_o- ELEMENTAL - 'Tidal Pool' Earrings Advert

Available NOW @ We ❤ Rp!



Elegance incarnate over a wide span of skin tones to fit everything from
fairies, elves to demons.

– Catwa Appliers (Head)
– Maitreya/ Belleza/ Omega Appliers (Body)
– 8 lipsticks
– 6 Eye liner/shadows
– 9 tones in fatpack
– Shape is included (head used was Catwa’s ‘Catya’




47992977546_d61afdbae4_o- ELEMENTAL - 'Dryad'Makeup Advert

Available NOW @ Driftwood!


Magical dilating eyes for true reptilian awesome!

– Normal eyes mode, just turn ‘off’ under Pupils
– ‘Dilate Speed’ how fast the pupils grow/ shrink
– ‘Dilate Gap’ the duration betweeen the pupil animation
– Three speeds of the above effect each
– 4 Glow settings including ‘Off’
– 24 eyes to a fatpack (singles sets of 6)
– Mesh eyes to fit any head.




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