NEW EXCLUSIVE RELEASES! Menstuff Hunt , SaNaRae, & The Underdog Event



We have some new Exclusive goodies for you! Although its a Menstuff Hunt, the new Aries Dagger is just kick ass awesome for anyone! Be part of the hunt and Get on some RP goodness!



- ELEMENTAL - 'Elven Scroll' Ear Cuff Advert

Elemental’s ‘Elven Scroll’ Ear cuffs come with a Texture change hud with 56 mix & match combinations to help complete your fantasy look!



-ELEMENTAL- Ivy Creeper Earring Advert
Elven, fae, Pixie, dryad? These Delicate & feminine new release ” Ivy Creeper” earrings are perfect to complete your RP look! However, you don’t just have to limit yourself to just RP to wear them, they’re perfect to add to your everyday wear as well!


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